Monday, June 20, 2011

Dwight Howard Fires Back at Annoying Fan Aficionado Chase Mathew

Dwight Howard is usually seen as a mild mannered athlete who smiles too much to produce wins. Today, constant badgering from fans and the media about his upcoming free agency status resulted in Dwight firing back. Rather than a major news outlet, the victim of Dwight's frustration was a young Orlando resident and avid Magic fan, Chase Mathew.

Now I personally know Chase Mathew from time on the Official Orlando Magic Message Board. I know he can be quite annoying at times. It's been unfathomable to see Dwight fire back at a fan, though. It's now very obvious how this entire process has impacted Dwight both mentally and emotionally. I wonder if the constant attention on the summer of 2012 is eventually going to push him away. Dwight has a right to be frustrated but he shouldn't fire back on a fan especially when you consider the amount of vague quotes that Dwight puts out into the public realm. He fuels some of this frustration by his own actions.


  1. Wow that chase kid is a dumb ass.

  2. Dwight couldn't have picked a better target to fire back at.